The best way to predict the future is to co-create it


As an impact venture studio, we co-create new sustainable ventures together with bold entrepreneurs and leading corporate players who are dedicated to building a positive future together.


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KRING is a venture studio and family of impact funds. In 2016 we created our first commercial fund, KRING Speedbooting 2016 which was followed by our 2019 and 2021 fund.

The KRING icon builds on the fundamental values of our work. The circular form references our holistic thinking that has always been a part of the KRING core DNA. This also reflects in the synergy between the companies in our funds. Closely connected, we co-create sustainable solutions for the benefit of the whole.

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Together, we co-create a positive future

Our starting point is simple: social / societal / customer-experienced problems that can be solved digitally and data-driven (information enables) in new business models and structures together with leading corporates.

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Years of experience

KRING has a history of entrepreneurship dating back to 2003

Commercial Funds

In 2016 we created our first fund, our second in 2019. Now we’re active with our third

Co-creation projects

We have spun out more than 30 digital driven co-creation projects

Companies created

20 of our co-creation projects became companies over the years

With a focus on SDG3 & SDG7

Our approaches gathers and drive forces of positive change towards health (SDG3) and environmental (SDG7) issues through new business models and partnerships (co-creation).

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Good Health and Well-Being
Finding the sweet spot within Health & Well-being between problem spaces and enablers

Affordable and clean energy
Because we’re the first generation to feel the consequences of climate change and the last with a chance to do something about it

We work and co-create with leading corporates

Our open and trust-based culture of cooperation has led us to building extensive networks which enables us to provide value and build successful impact ventures. Our unfair advantage.

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And we have extensive records of industry expertise 

KRING is a group of people with shared values and a passion for changing the world and we’re further enhanced by our unique partner team and board of serial entrepreneurs with consulting and industry expertise

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Jacob Madsen

Jacob Madsen

Managing Partner

Previously executive manager at Beacon & IBM. +20 years experience with management consulting​

Martin Kring

Martin Kring

Co-Founder & Partner

Serial entrepreneur. +25 years experience with building IT businesses​

Mads Misiak Friis

Mads Misiak Friis


Tech entrepreneur, Director at Rainmaking. Entrepreneur at Startupbootcamp Digital Health

Thomas Hjort

Thomas Hjort


Serial entrepreneur & CFO​
+15 years experience with building
IT businesses

Co-create the future with us

We are currently creating our fund for 2021 that will provide a substantially larger deal flow while keeping the high momentum for a longer period of time and with an ability to keep investing in the most succesful companies through several founding rounds. This, we believe, will create superior value.

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Impact venture building with Co-Founders

As a co-founder, we partner with incredible entrepreneurs and change makers to start-up and scale new impact ventures

Corporate co-creation of impact ventures

We work with corporates to co-create new growth opportunities and co-invest in building new impact ventures

Invest in KRING Speedbooting 2021

Follow our impact venture building from the front row together with our network of experienced investors