Accelerating private homeowners with energy retrofitting

Bodil Energi is a Nordic energy efficiency venture focused on residential decarbonization and accelerating energy retrofitting in private homes. Bodil is a purpose-driven company, committed to helping homeowners reduce their carbon footprint. Their platform offers end-to-end services, spanning in-person retrofitting advice from energy experts, financing, heat source replacements, and service subscriptions.

How did KRING add value?

One of the cool things about working with KRING is, that in our case, they already had a collaboration with a large corporate that was interested in letting us conduct consumer experiments and really dive into what consumer-specific frictions excited in the market. 

Today we get a lot of value out of both having KRING as a member of the board and a shareholder, but very much also by being able to leverage the network that KRING has amongst business leaders and large corporate. We’ve had access to some pretty amazing energy executives who’ve seen the potential in what we’re doing and how it related to the industries they’re in and that has really been able to help us at key points along the way.

– Niklas Allamand Frijs-Madsen, Co-Founder


KRING Speedbooting 2019




Meet the Co-Founders

Niklas Allamand Frijs-Madsen

Niklas Allamand Frijs-Madsen

Co-Founder & CEO

Previously within Climate change and corporate sustainability issues as a consultant and for the private sector

Morten Bay Nielsen

Morten Bay Nielsen

Co-Founder & Head of Energy Engineering & Operations

Previously senior Consultant within energy and also as Solutions owner at Siemens Wind Power

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