A personal mental health companion

Nuna is a virtual coach app that relieves mental challenges by helping the users structure and work on their negative thoughts and patterns through evidence based cognitive behavioral science and health tracking.

Mental health awareness is exploding, and we’re tapping into a market with more than 3 billion people suffering from stress, depression and/or anxiety. We are breaking down the barriers for people to get help by providing an always accessible, anonymous, science based and cheap therapy form whereof 53% of our users feel better after just 2 days of using our app.

How did KRING add value?

Having founded a couple of startups before, being a founder is something very daunting and scary. And it is something that keeps you up at night. You are always thinking about the things you should do and shouldn’t do, connection you should be making and shouldn’t be making, the team members you need, the deals you should be making. This is something that being a part of KRING family just completely taken off our shoulders.

KRING came to us not only with the idea that has been tested and proven, but with the team that gave us their experience, knowledge and connection and also are there to advise us every single day. We meet with our KRING advisors on a weekly basis, they provide us with so much value. They always show us the road ahead that is still with crazy bumps, but they have experience, they have been there, and it just feels like we are always on the right path

– Hassan Bazzi, Co-Founder


KRING Speedbooting 2019



Meet the Co-Founders & the Board

Hassan Bazzi

Hassan Bazzi

Co-Founder & CEO

Ahmad El-Najjar

Ahmad El-Najjar

Co-Founder & CPO

Jacob Madsen

Jacob Madsen

Chairman of the board

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