Digitalising and improving the journey for legal documents

TestaViva is an online platform where you can create legal documents 24/7 to help safeguard you and your family through life. The platform ensures that as a TestaViva user, you are notified when it is time to update your legal documents as life changes.

The platform has been thoroughly tested and approved by lawyers, and since 2017 TestaViva has gained over 60,000 users.


The story behind TestaViva?
TestaViva started as a corporate venture building project together with Arbejdersnes Landsbank, and later Nordea and TopDanmark joined as partners. KRING’s Speedbooting 2016 fund invested in the early stages and KRING still participates in the board of directors.



KRING Speedbooting 2016




Meet the Co-Founders

Peter Mægbæk

Peter Mægbæk

Chairman of the Board

Kristian Kaa

Kristian Kaa


Michael Lauritzen

Michael Lauritzen

CEO & Co-Founder

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