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Co-create high impact in new strategic areas with low touch and low risk

Venture building with KRING allows you to quickly explore new strategic areas of growth while benefitting from our ability to innovate and execute new successful ventures at a high pace.

High Impact low touch

It requires a minimum of resources from our corporate partners to engage but allows them to discover and exploit high impact opportunities

New growth opportunities

Venture building with KRING allows you to quickly explore new strategic areas of growth, new customer experiences, or market positions

We have skin in the game

We have funds to co-invest early in the venture creation, which aligns us on the same goals and incentives as you

Accelerate new ideas fast

Our average time from validation to MVP is 3 months, and we use our extensive network and talented co-founders to accelerate growth

Our focus

Industrially, we have identified three areas of opportunities containing a range of problem spaces that are a perfect match for our agenda since these industries are facing massive change and converging; Finance, Health and Green.

A strategic focus on SDG3 & SDG7


KRING has for the past 5 years dived deeply into two specific domains and built more than 10 companies.

SDG 3: Health and Well-being

SDG 7:Sustainable energy and green transformation of society

Our methodology

Execution is everything in our world. That is why we have developed a capability we call Speedbooting® – which in a “think big, start small, scale fast” process co-creates human-centric solution ideas for the market quickly and efficiently. In addition, Speedbooting® is designed so that you can easily build the capability in your own business if it is your need.

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KRING Speedbooting Venture Building Process

We have worked and co-created with leading corporates

Our open and trust-based culture of cooperation has led us to building extensive networks which enables us to provide value and build successful impact ventures. Our unfair advantage.

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Don’t just take our word for it

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