Our Speedbooting® capability


We have developed a capability we call Speedbooting® – which in a “think big, start small, scale fast” process co-create human-centric solution ideas for the market quickly and efficiently.


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Our funds are based on our Speedbooting® capability

Over the last 10 years we have honoured our unique and successful capability, passionately named Speedbooting®, in our 3 funds you can learn more about below: 

KRING Speedbooting 2016

9 mil. DKK Fund Size
11 private investors
6 ventures incorporated

KRING Speedbooting 2019

18 mil DKK Fund Size
18 private investors
4 ventures launched

KRING Speedbooting 2021

250 mil DKK est. Fund Size
10 years timespan
24 expected companies

How we’re building a sustainable future

Through the building of many new ventures and digital companies, we have adopted and adjusted methodologies of entrepreneurship, innovation and co-creation to systematically build new impact ventures together with co-founders and corporates – and help them succeed, grow and create impact.

The process is at the core of our venture studio model

Our “unfair advantages” supports our Speedbooting® venture building process

And everything we do is rooted in the pretotyping methodology

We are Co-Founders of Pree.to, that have taken Pretotyping, a Google based market validating tool, to Europe. This is an integrated part of our Speedbooting® Innovation process.

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Small experiments before large investments

We run experiments with our ideas as early as possible in our process. Before large investments.

Early data for our business case and investors

By conducting real life experiements we generate validated consumer data for decision-making og buy-ins.

Killing wrong ideas before they hit the market

80% of all ideas fail when they go to market. We can’t change this fact, but we can sort out the wrong ideas fast.

We’re committed to the sustainable development goals

We are committed to using all our efforts on venture building with a strong focus on the SDG agenda, initially Health & Wellbeing (SDG 3) and on Energy (SDG 7).

Good Health and Well-Being
Finding the sweet spot within Health & Well-being between problem spaces and enablers

Affordable and clean energy
Because we’re the first generation to feel the consequences of climate change and the last with a chance to do something about it

SDG3: Good Health and Well-Being

SDG7: Affordable and clean energy

We work and co-create with leading corporates

Our open and trust-based culture of cooperation has led us to building extensive networks which enables us to provide value and build successful impact ventures. Our unfair advantage.

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And this is what they say about working with us

We are co-creating Speedboats (companies) together with large corporates to accelerate corporates strategies, customer centricity and business agility. Furthermore, this accelerates the value creation for our sustainable impact companies and gives us an unfair advantage.

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Lars Ellehave-Andersen

Bank Director, Nordea

“KRING’s Speedbooting process and their methodologies are able to do something unique that I have not seen anywhere else. With a customer-centric focus, great speed, and execution power, we create some unique solutions. That is why we at Nordea are particularly pleased to have Co-Created several new customer-centered solutions together with KRING and we have more in the pipeline within Health and Well-being as well as the green transition (SDG 3 + SDG 7) ”

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Co-create the future with us

We are currently creating our fund for 2021. Are you an entrepreneur looking for opportunities, a large corporate looking to co-create, or an investor looking to make a real impact? Find your path below:

Impact venture building with Co-Founders

We partner with entrepreneurs and change makers to start-up and scale new impact ventures

Corporate co-creation of impact ventures

We work with corporates to co-create new growth opportunities and co-invest in building new impact ventures

Invest in our KRING Speedbooting 2021 fund

Follow our impact venture building from the front row together with our network of experienced investors

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